Serving imprisonment in the light of the concept of the penal system development in Russian Federation in 2020 and in modern Norway

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  • Tatyana F. Minyazeva - Doctor of law, Professor, Head of the Department of Criminal Law and Process of the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia
  • Ludmila A. Bukalerova - Doctor of law, Professor, Professor at the Department of Criminal Law and Process of the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia

In present article authors consider questions of order and conditions of punishment serving in the form of imprisonment in Russian Federation improvement in the light of the Concept of criminal and executive system of Russian Federation development till 2020. Punishment serving in prisons work in modern Norway in relation to such work in Russian Federation is analyzed. Authors consider limits of reasonable balance between the need to restrict person's rights and freedoms, atonement of fault and impact of the concept of social and ethical education in Norway. Restrictions of condemned legal status in Norway, being placed in rather closed space, limit in connection with the outside world are discussed. Article contains information on indicators of living standards in modern understanding. It is characterized not only by the volume of real income per capita, but also by some not monetary factors - population health in general, degree of moral satisfaction with own life and work, etc.


Freedom restriction, criminal and executive system, rules of dealing with imprisoned, penal system, restriction of a legal rights, Norway, prison, imprisonment, prison clinics, recurrence of crimes.


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