Reform of teaching civil law subjects and the Bologna process

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Ph.D. (Law), Associate Professor at the Department of Judicial Authority, Law-Enforcement and Human Rights Activity of the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia.


In the present article a number of questions on Bologna system implementation into the educational system of Russian Federation are analyzed, questions of its practical implementation are discussed. Author provides both comparative and legal compatibility analysis of the national systems of higher education of Russian Federation and the number of European states who implemented this system much earlier. In details teaching technique on Bologna Process are reveals. Questions of educational policy, including on higher education are discussed. Author considers higher education models which are based on the features of the all-European situation, including applicable of common regional specifics of development of certain republics, edges, large cities, areas based on the common principles. Results of overall performance after introduction in last several years of this system in some higher education institutions of Russian Federation are given.


Bologna Process, European zone of the higher education, unification, standardization, qualification, education, law, bachelor degree, Bologna declaration, social and economic change.

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