Policy of Access to Information Management

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Associate Professor  at the Department of Journalism, Social Advertizing and Public Relations of the Russian State Social University, Ph.D. (Sociology).


Information law, in today's globalized world started to hold a special place. To establish a network with the necessary services, to create a group of users and their accounts, providing them with the necessary rights , making it possible to use these services – these is not all that is necessary for the normal operation of communication networks in the municipality. A large proportion of the network manager work should be concentrated in the management policy of access to information in regards to the index of population taken on forums decisions and recommendations, and in general on entire spectrum of life in municipality and its administration. Schemes of accessibility to various municipal networks can vary, however general principles must always be the same. Often deny of access to specific objects of communication network is fairly conventional in nature, but allows to properly organize the work of the network. These issues require a qualified system approach and detailed study. This article, opens a series of author’s articles in this field.


management, policy, information, network, legal status, administration, regulation, communications.

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