Concept of the "Domestic Europe" and Principle of Subsidiarity as Basis of European Integration

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Doctor of Law, Professor at the Department of International Law of the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia.


This article "Concept of the "Domestic Europe" and principle of subsidiarity as basis of European integration" is devoted to such an important today in the modern era of globalization theme as creation of integration communities. In the article author thoroughly explains nature of legal events that gave rise to such an important part of international law as an integration law. Author shows that despite the existence of different theories of integration, developed in the doctrine, the real driving force of any of integration process is the national interest, which defines the legal nature of an integration process. Author examines view of legal scholars, presents and justify in detail their own conclusions and opinions. Study is comprehensive and multi-disciplinary in nature, can be useful for the wide range of professionals.


subsidiarity, sovereignty, member state of the European Union, integration, Treaty of Lisbon, globalization, legal status.

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