Activity Of The Moderate And Radical Islamic Organizations In The European States

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Doctor of Law; Professor; Professor at the Academy of the Prosecutor General's Office of the Russian Federation; Professor of the Department of Judicial Authority, Law-Enforcement and Human Rights Activity at the Peoples' Friendship University of Russia


In the present article author examines various aspects of Islamic organizations functioning in modern European countries. In the world the dangerous situation due to the spread of radical Islamic views, this is directly related to safety arose. Author researches some aspects of Islamic organizations in Europe functioning and their division into "moderate" and "radical". Author notes that the concept of "moderate Islam" is actively used in the western countries. In the article it is emphasized that supporters of such division believe that it is the "moderate Islamists" may help deal with the terrorist threat. Author gives definition of "religious extremism" and analyzes activities of Islamic organizations in Germany and France, as well as other European countries at the present stage of their development. In the process of study author pays enough attention to the notion of "spreading radicalism within the law", analyze existing legal acts. In the article problems of financing extremist organizations is pointed out and the need to create a set of joint measures to counter extremism and terrorism by Russian Federation and European countries, further improvement of law-enforcement is identified.


religious extremism, terrorism, state good breeding, financing of the extremist organizations, radical Islamic organizations, moderate Islamic organizations, Islamophobia, Muslim Brotherhood, Al-Qaeda, German Taliban Mujahideen.


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