К вопросу о демокурии и конституализации отношений в России

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Doctor of Philosophy (Law); Associate Professor, Candidate for Doctor of Law Degree at the Ural State Law Academy.


This article is devoted to research of legal function of institutional Bar – professional and legal human rights, economically independent by the civil society playing an important and specific role not only in the mechanism of the constitutional guarantee of judicial protection of the rights and freedoms of the individual (citizen of the individual, the individual) and the creation of appropriate conditions consistent implementation of the tasks of legal proceedings, but also a mechanism for ensuring the constitutional rights and freedoms, and civil society to ensure their safeguarding bodies of public administration based on the rule of law, leading to constitution of  Russia. Special value is given to three basic principles guarantees of the Constitution of the Russian Federation: the supreme value of man, democracy, the rule of law components of the regulatory framework of the proposed new mechanism fundamentally different from that previously proposed by the authors on eight criteria.


demokuriya, mechanism of ensuring rights and freedoms, professional legal assistance, legal protection, human rights protection, institutionality, constitutionalization, Russia, Russian Federation.


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